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The business-friendly environment in Smyrna, combined with its proximity to major interstates, makes it a popular choice for industry expansion and entrepreneurial startups. These new companies often enlist the services of Electricians in Smyrna DE. These experts are responsible for ensuring warehouses, retail locations and health care facilities stay operational without power interruptions. These professionals can also help homeowners with a variety of home improvements. They can install outdoor lighting and even rewire outdated fuse boxes. This is necessary because old fuse boxes can no longer keep up with modern electrical demands. They can also help remove bats from attics, which is important because these animals are rabies vectors and their feces contain fungal spores that can cause respiratory failure.


The Town of Smyrna is positioned for future growth in the commercial retail and service sectors. The completion of SR 1 and the build-out of the Duck Creek Business Park will attract new large-scale employers to the Town, as well as serve the needs of existing residents.

The town’s centralized location, ease of access to SR 1, and proximity to the City of Wilmington make it a desirable business and residential location. In addition, the town’s extensive public parks and recreational facilities offer a range of opportunities for all ages to work, play, shop, and dine in a walkable environment.

Smyrna’s population demographics are consistent with the statewide and Kent County trends of suburban bedroom communities. According to the 2017 American Community Survey, Smyrna’s population is comprised of a higher percentage of school-age adolescents and middle-age working adults, while having lower proportions of older retirees and young adults. This age distribution reflects the Town’s history of growth fueled by its workforce-intensive manufacturing sector. As a result, the Town has a significant number of existing industrial and manufacturing jobs to draw on for future growth. However, these jobs may be challenged by the continuing decline in manufacturing industry employment across the state. As a result, it is important for the Town to pursue diversified economic development opportunities, both within and outside the Town’s current municipal boundaries.


Electrical workers perform a variety of tasks, including repairing, installing and maintaining electrical systems. They may also be responsible for reading blueprints and schematic diagrams, performing electrical troubleshooting on complex machinery, and assembling and connecting wiring in commercial and industrial settings.

Whether you need to install a new outdoor lighting fixture or are looking for an electrician to replace your outdated fuse box, the local electrical services experts at Hawke Electrical can help. They offer a range of services that can be tailored to your home, such as electrical panel installation, outdoor lighting installations, and rewiring services.

An outdated fuse box can’t keep up with the demands of modern appliances, and can create a fire hazard for your home. The local electrical services specialists at Hawke Electrical can provide a safe and reliable fuse box replacement or electrical panel installation for your home.

For businesses that need parking lot lighting, security lighting, or area lights, the local Electricians in Smyrna DE at Hawke Electrical can install these fixtures with their bucket truck service. They can even reach high places to install aerial signs or other types of outdoor lighting. This allows businesses to save on energy costs while improving their safety and visibility. They can also work on solar energy projects. This includes laying conduits for solar panels and helping businesses switch to green electricity with the help of a qualified electrician.